Our Story

Mighty started as a project-based learning experiment to get our own kids excited about math through seeing it in action in their own creative businesses. While it was a win for learning fractions, the bigger win was watching our kids become Bosses. Bosses who became more confident, more comfortable and persuasive in asking for what they want and need, more comfortable reacting to a "no", more perceptive at spotting problems and creating solutions. The life skills of entrepreneurship! Our experiment evolved into a 21st Century Lemonade Stand that gives any kid the opportunity to learn from building their own business and becoming a Boss. And we're still evolving -- we're at the very beginning of our journey and are so excited for all ahead. Power to the next generation! 

Meet Our Team

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Co-Founder & CEO
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Johnnie as a kid
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Our Values

Mighty is a registered Public Benefit Corporation, which means that our social mission is as important to us as our financial goals.

We Work for our CEOs

We work for the young CEOs who use Mighty. We respect them and are driven to see them succeed.

Shooters Shoot

Whenever you spot an opportunity to make this business, our CEOs, our team more successful, take the shot! Every member of our team is empowered to - and expected to - take action, always.

Do - Learn - Do better

After you take that shot, learn from the experience and use it as fuel to do even better the next time.

Team of Captains

A captain’s job is to lead the team to success. We are all captains and work to bring out the best in each other